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May 24 - June 7, 2014

Auditorium Diocesano La Vallisa, Bari

Vallisa edit
Marking the entrance to the old city of Bari, the Church of the Vallisa, better known as the “Raveddise”, was situated behind a former Benedictine monastery. The ethnic community that settled in Bari during the ninth century erected this Romanesque monument and many other buildings of similar architectural significance during this era. Dating from 1594, the city diplomatic code referred to this church as “St. Peter's Vallisa”, but shortened it to the “Vallisa” in 1651.

In 1962, the Vallisa underwent radical restoration, which returned it to its medieval style: the portico, façade and three apses were rebuilt and the significant baroque modifications were removed. The restoration was completed in 1986, with the support of the Arch-Brotherhood of St. Anne in co-ordination with the Diocesan Commission for Sacred Music. Today, the Vallisa is significant as one of the oldest churches and most prestigious cultural venues in the city of Bari. Renowned for its outstanding acoustics, the Vallisa’s intimate setting renders it one of the most desirable platforms for chamber music.